How to Add Pattern Lock to Iphone

How to Add Pattern Lock to Iphone : In this article am going to guide you the topic add How to add pattern lock to iPhone. As pattern lock is previously developed for Android and had great success now it is also being developed for iPhone and getting huge success. Now these days keeping your phone is safe position is very important. If your personal data is not accessed by anyone even if it is in home or office, then you need to care about that. There are lots of phone locking apps available on app store but now trending is pattern lock. It looks stylish and safe.

What is this Pattern Lock:

It is a phone locking system.  It allows you to unlock your phone by drawing pattern that you have used to lock the pattern. As it displays nine dots and you need to select the pattern and lock your phone and then you just need to use that for unlocking your phone by just drawing the pattern.

Add Pattern Lock to Iphone:

Adding pattern lock for your phone is too easy in order to do that you just have to follow the things that I say. Then let start Iphone lovers always love to use things like this. As usual default iPhone locker is slider then you need to slide the phone unlock as the androids developed the default pattern lock for their mobile not iOS developers. Then not need to worry I have about there is app and you just need to use that app to add pattern lock to your iPhone.

Let’s start the guide and here we are using a app called Android lock hock to add pattern lock for your iPhone:

 Android Hack Lock:

The app is greatest app among all pattern locking apps for iPhone and doesn’t contain any harmful threats and just start the guide:

  • Download and install that app from app store.
  • Then Go to Settings then tap Android lock hock app then tap on the Change Pattern.
  • Now draw the pattern that you want to use it as a password and keep in mind that password must be remembered then don’t forget that password.
  • Now lock your iPhone by clicking on sleep button.
  • Now your phone is locked now draw the pattern that you used to add pattern lock for your phone. Unlock your iPhone and enjoy.

This is all about How to add pattern lock to iPhone? New Tips Tricks is the brand, which always support you to guide in correct way. If you have any suggestion or queries for this guide then you can openly ask through comments by posting it through following form.

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