How to Block Ads on your iPhone or iPad

How to Block Ads on your iPhone or iPad : In this article am going to explain you the most important trick for iPhone and iPad. The trick is here I explaining here really helpful for iPhone and iPad users. Smart phones always destruct you lot with ads.  Know iPhone with lot of ads and if you connected to internet then your mobile will be full of ads. There are no such hard things to get rid off from this and you don’t need to worry about this. But I worried a lot from these ads and completely decided to get rid off from this and got a solution with quick decision and am explaining here with few simple steps. I know

What are these Ads?

The ads will appear on the down screen and side screen those appear suddenly on your iPhone and iPad.

Yeah know here am explaining you How to block those ads on your iPhone? Do you want to block these ads on your iPhone? Are you getting destruct from these ads? Then get in here am sharing the useful guide here and block the annoying ads on your iPhone and iPad.

It’s not about the receiving ads on iPhone and iPad and it’s about receiving annoying ads when you are watching movies, playing games and doing most important things really destructs you. Then you completely decided to get rid of them and through internet you landed here. So here am explaining the trick step by step guide and here is the guide to Block Ads on your iPhone and iPad.

block iphone ads

How to Block Ads on your iPhone or iPad

So, no need to wait and we won’t want to be you wait. Let start here the simple guide and that will be end in two minutes. Let’s check simple guide Block Ads on your iPhone or iPad.

  • First of all you need to download one content blocker app on your iPhone or iPad. The most popular one is Peace and I would recommend you the same one.
  • After installing this app you need to go to home screen on your device then tap on Settings on your deveice.
  • Now you have to tap on Safari in your device and scroll down and tap on Content Blockers.
  • After this all, enable Peace app from here.
  • Now it will block ads on your iPhone and iPad. I mean it will automatically block the ads.

Final Say:

I think I shared some valuable information here and if you find this as a useful thing then share it with you friends. New Tips Trick has guided you something and now if you have any confusion or queries regarding this article then you can ask through comments using this below form. If you want to suggest anything then you can suggest and I will expect it open heartedly and that can be suggested through below form. I will respond you within 24hours.

Feel free to ask and don’t hesitate to ask.

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