Error This Video is Not Available in Your Country [Fix it Now]

In this article am sharing the most precious solution for the error in the youtube “This video is not available in your country”, Fix this error. You just want to watch your favorite video or movie but you can’t access it because of the video is blocked in your geographical area. So, in order to access these videos we have several ways but we have explained simple and easy steps here. This error also happens because if the uploader has not made video available in your county fix.

So, here we have 3 best ways to access video that is not available in your country.

This Video is Not Available in Your Country Fix for Chrome and Android Phone| Youtube Solution

As you know this is the common error while accessing videos that does not supports in our country. There are many methods to fix this video is not available in your country Chrome Solution.

Unblock Youtube Restricted Video by proxies

Youtube will block to watch the video if the video is not supportable in your country by help of IP’s. Thus we have solution here for this and we have to make sure that Youtube cannot find our IP address I mean we have to surf this video anonymously. So, here are the proxies those are great to surf the web anonymously. They hide your IP address on the internet. There are some best proxy servers available and they are super fast and here we have mentioned some of them. You just need to enter the URL of the video on these extensions or proxy server website then watch it without any problem. So, here are the fastest proxy servers from my side.


Proxymate is also a best proxy server. You can install its extension to your browser to surf easily and it’s available for both Chrome and Firefox.

Hide My Ass:

You can access these videos using Hide My Ass by visiting the site or simple you can use it as for your browser extension. You just need to simply enter the URL of the video that you want to watch on Youtube and watch it.

Fix this Video is not Available in your Country by Hola Extension

So, here is another simple method to watch blocked videos on by popular method. Here we are using Hola extension to watch restricted videos on Youtube and read here to know more.

Hola is nothing but is the service changes your IP address and helps you to access blocked or restricted youtube videos. This service is completely free and here is the guide for you to use Hola service.

  • First of all download Hola extension for your browsers and activate it.
  • Copy the URL of the video which is restricted in your area or just open it on youtube.
  • Then you will find Hola Extension icon which is placed above bookmarks bar in your browser.
  • Then click on Hola extension icon then you will see different country flags and choose US or UK on it.
  • Now, reload the page and you are done.

This is another easy method to watch restricted youtube videos and we have one more method below here.

VPN to unblock videos instantly

VPN is called as a Virtual Private Network is another best method to fix video is not available in your country. There are ultimate VPN services out but here we are sharing one of the best and most popular VPN services. It is also one of the easy method to fix this video is not available in your country. It is just by simply changing your location using this VPN services and watch videos unlimited those restricted on your area without any problem. So there are different VPN services for different platforms like Android and PC.

If you are android user then you can use DroidVPN then let start.


It is the app you need to install the in your Android smartphone. The app is totally free and available in Google Play Store. Just fix the error video is not available in your country. Download and install the app in your Android phone.

If you are facing the same problem in your PC/Laptop then here is free VPN to unblock videos on Youtube. So, here we have listed a best VPN service available for PC.

PD Proxy:

PD proxy is best VPN which is completely free and available for Windows PC. You can use it for free as it the trail account is available.  This is the best service to fix the error video is not available in your country. You can use it by connecting demo server.

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