How to turn off Video Autoplay on Facebook

 How to turn off Video Autoplay on Facebook In this article am going to guide you how to turn off video autoplay on facebook and this guide is very simple and will be completed in minutes. How it is disgusting when you found facebook videos are automatically playing when you are opened facebook. Then it will be the most disgusting moment in your life. I am also experiencing the same feeling few days back and when I got to know the solution for this then now I am sharing it with you. If you find it on the same way then you must feeling annoying and you don’t want to open your facebook account any more.

Hey, don’t need to worry a lot as I come with solution here. Last two days back when I surfing through and am found some videos and then it suddenly starts playing and I want it to play anymore. But I stopped the play by pause button but it buffered I mean takes complete streaming and almost all videos like and there are all videos did like that. Know almost my all data pack goes into hell. Then I started searching and I found the solution for that. Here is the trick I mentioned in simple method and step by step guide to to turn off video autoplay on facebook.

Turn Off Video Autoplay on Facebook:

So, here are the steps you need to follow to turn off video auto play on facebook. Then no wait, follow the guide carefully and within two minutes you will know the trick and performed.

How to turn off Video Autoplay on Facebook
Just log in to your Facebook account. Now just click on the Downward facing arrow, which is placed at the top of the right and then click on Now you need to click on Videos from Sidebar. After that you need to have option named Auto- Play Videos and then you need to click on the button from here and change it to off. Now you have stopped auto playing videos on your Facebook account

Final Say:

It is too simple to perform this and I think you have solved your problem. This is simple guide to turn off video auto play on facebook. If you find this as a useful trick then share it with your friends on social networks. If you have any suggestion regarding this guide then it can be accepted openly and that can be expressed through comments using below form. If you have any confusion or queries regarding this article are openly asked through comments using below form and New Tips Tricks will help you within 24Hours.

Feel free to ask and don’t hesitate to ask.

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