Ruckus & Roke New EP Release – Neverone

Ruckus & Roke New EP Release – Neverone – NOW AVAILABLE

Have you heard the hype surrounding Ruckus & Roke? If not then you must have been on another planet. Their new EP is due for release on September 1st and although this is their first showing on Betamorph Recordings it sure won’t be their last. This EP has some mega delivery so it can’t fail to be huge. This is by far Betamorph’s best release yet and I think Ruckus & Roke will make them some serious cash money.

The EP ‘Neverone’ has some top, top sounds. Danny Ruckus & Roke form a formidable partnership that knocks out dubstep like it’s supposed to be. The title track has a sound that you can feel in your boots. The added synth and edgy bass riff show off the kickin’ skills of these two artists.

The second track is a remix of Mark Instinct’s ‘Sketchy Maxx’. For me taking a quality work like this and remixing doesn’t normally work but Ruckus & Roke are something special. Some crackin’ sampled vocals and the kickin’ bass take the original up a another notch.

Track three is ‘Soliqual’ which has allowed these artists to show what they can do. Swift changes from one riff to another and a whole host of fast changing musical moves make this a track you can listen to all day every day.

‘Thunda Chunda’ may have derived it’s name from a 70’s Aussie film but the music you get here is bang up to date, if not actually showing us the future.

Betamorph have made a real find in Danny Ruckus & Roke. I confidently predict they will not be goin’ away any time soon. These boys are the real deal!

The Neverone EP is available worldwide September 1st 2009

Distributed worldwide through Symphonic Distribution and available at over 300 online retailers such as: DIGITAL TUNES • JUNO • ADDICTECH • CHEMICAL RECORDS • DUBSTEP RECORDS

Neverone - Ruckus & Roke's stunning new EP

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