How to Run Multiple Whatsapp accounts on iPhone

How to Run Multiple Whatsapp accounts on iPhone : In this article we are going you to How to run multiple Whatsapp accounts on iPhone? That is without jailbraking or anything. Then here is the simple guide and you need to follow for two minutes. The secret that will be revealed here will help you to run multiple Whatsapp accounts in your iPhone. You need to use two different Whatsappp mobile numbers for different Whatsapp Accounts. You can use them in a single mobile.

As you know Whatsapp is most used messaging app in smartphones and apart from that there are lots of tricks that have been remained as secrets and we are revealing them here. So let get start to the simple steps to How to run multiple Whatsapp accounts on iPhone?

Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts on iPhone

Here are the steps that you need to follow and the simple guide told in simple manner. Then don’t wait let’s get the trick in order to running multiple WhatsApp accounts on iphone.

  • In the first step you need to have Whatsapp on your iPhone. If you don’t have Whatsapp, Download and install Whatsapp for your iPhone and if you have then its k.
  • Now you have to Go to website>
  • After visiting this website then search for WhatsApp2 and then tap on it.
  • Now you have find a orange color Whatsapp I mean icon and you will find a green button below Whatsapp icon, then tap on the green button
  • After clicking on the button a pop-up box asks for permission then tap on install grant permission.
  • After that the Whatsapp will getting installed then wait for until it installed.
  • Then after the installing, you have to go to settings and then you need to tap on General.
  • Then you need to tap on Profile and then you have to tap on trust VNE Software and technology.
  • This is all because of permission then prompt up will appear then tap on trust to continue.
  • Then it was all done the second Whatsapp is ready to use and enjoy.

Final Say:

This was How to run multiple Whatsapp Acoounts in one iPhone? I think the guide was precious and if have any suggestion regarding this article I mean if I forgot to mention something then you can suggest it through comments using below from. If you any queries regarding this guide can be asked through comments using below form and I will resolve it within 24 hours.

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